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Support - Online Help and Forum
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Support - Online Help and Forum
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Do you have a question? Or maybe would you like to share your quizzes and tests? You can use the following forum to post your questions, requests and, why not, your tests and quizzes. If you have any doubts about using WebQuiz XP, you can check its on-line help as a reference.
On-Line Help

Even if it is very easy and straightforward to use, WebQuiz XP is also provided with an extensive help system. Here you can find the on-line version of the help: click here to view it. If you download the WebQuiz XP trial version, you can view the off-line help.
On-Line Forum

This forum is intended to provide general support information and exchange opinions among WebQuiz XP users. Messages are not immediately posted, but first approved by a moderator. You can post links to your web quizzes as well as links to your downloadable quiz files. You are invited to take part in discussions and join the community!
If you have other requirements or special questions, please contact us directly.

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Test languageFPSep 8 '08, 03:56
Is there a possibility to have the test in German?

Re: Test languageAndreaP (SmartLite)Sep 8 '08, 04:00
Dear User,

Yes, but you need to translate the file languages.asp in \webquiz xp\asp and then publish your quiz again.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Score of Exam is Calculating DoubleCindyAug 23 '08, 07:01
I've placed the value of a correct answer at 1, yet when the score calculates it doubles. Example: 30 questions on exam, answered 30 correctly, score generated is 60. How can I correct the score so it doesn't double?

Re: Score of Exam is Calculating DoubleAndreaP (SmartLite)Aug 23 '08, 07:07
Dear Cindy,

Maybe did you set +1 for the question if correct, and +1 for the correct answer? If so, the score doubles. Just set the score for the question, not also for the answer.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Using TopicsRexJul 31 '08, 07:14
I have five quizzes to create, each one deals with a particular publication. Currently all of the questions and answers are combined in one external database (not a WebQuiz db).

Would you recommend importing the five separately and making five quizzes? Or use the Topics feature to identify the questions for each quiz?

Re: Using TopicsAndreaP (SmartLite)Jul 31 '08, 07:18
Dear Rex,

If you need to create five quizzes (and not one quiz with five topics), I would recommend to create five separate quizzes in WebQuiz.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Combining quizzes?JonJul 24 '08, 08:37
Is it possible to combine 2 or more quizzes? These are quizzes that contain multiple links to photos, sound files, and video files.

Re: Combining quizzes?AndreaP (SmartLite)Jul 24 '08, 08:45
Dear Jon,

Yes, you can do that: open the quiz containing the questions you want to copy, go to the Question List window and select the questions to copy; click the Copy button on the toolbar. Close this window, go back to the welcome window and open/create the destination quiz. Go to the Question List window and then click the Paste button on the toolbar.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Size of answer boxesAdam SteinerJul 23 '08, 03:54
Is there any way to edit the size of the answers boxes for various questions? I want a short answer box that could fit 50 characters and an essay question box that can fit several paragraphs.


Re: Size of answer boxesAndreaP (SmartLite)Jul 23 '08, 03:56
Dear Adam,

Yes, with the fill-in-the-blank question type, set Format = Alphanumerical or Format = Essay.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Displaying different feedback based on answerJamesJun 27 '08, 05:30

I would like to be able to display a different response to the user when they are taking the quiz based on their chosen answer, ie: the ability to display one response when correct and another when incorrect isn't quite enough.

Reading through the other comments on this site I get the impression that this is possible, but I can't locate the comment option:

I have tried the following:
From the edit quiz config page:
- One question per page.
- Show comments after each question,
- There is supposed to be an ASP format setting also but I can't locate this.

Then when adding a question:
- Right clicking within the answer input box (over each answer ?) should bring up an option to set a 'comment' however all I get is the standard cut, copy, paste, undo, select all.

Is this a feature only available in the standalone version (and not the online/asp version) ?

thanks for your time.

Re: Displaying different feedback based onAndreaP (SmartLite)Jun 27 '08, 05:38
Dear James,

Yes, you can do that. If you have the standard edition and you right-click over each answer, you should get the Comment menu. If you have the SQL Edition, instead, this feature is not currently available, but it will be in the next update (due in about 10/15 days and free of charge for current customers).

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Disable picturesA. HanssonJun 25 '08, 09:06
Your software is very good and simple to use.
I am wandering if I can disable the pictures in the evaluation page. that means the pictures which appear with questions disappear in the result page.
Thank you very much.

Re: Disable picturesAndreaP (SmartLite)Jun 25 '08, 09:14
Dear User,

No, unfortunately this feature is not available. If you need it, we can do a custom development for you.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

TestingMike LeonardFeb 19 '08, 11:14
if I have 5 different companies that want to have their employees come to my site to take a test, is there a way that each company can test their employees seperately, and is it possible to have an administrator for each company (5) visit my site to see the results and download the results of their employees without having access to the other 4 companies?

Re: TestingAndreaP (SmartLite)Feb 19 '08, 11:37
Dear Mike,

Yes, you need WebQuiz XP Suite Team Edition or WebQuiz XP Suite Enterprise Edition.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support
Login ID vs. None?Rebeka GrahamFeb 18 '08, 03:11
Is there a way to setup a "generic" login id that will allow the survey participant to enter their personal information (without having to setup accounts for all participants accessing the survey?)

Re: Login ID vs. None?AndreaP (SmartLite)Feb 18 '08, 03:13
Dear Rebeka,

Sure, you have two ways:

1) Do not create any logins and just protect the quiz with a password.

2) Create one login (with unlimited accesses) that will be used by all quiz takers.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Database may be readonlyDhruvJan 26 '08, 05:15
Unable to load questions. The database may be read-only. Please check that you have write permissions in the database folder. Error message: Cannot update. Database or object is read-only.
How can I resolve this problem?

Re: Database may be readonlyAndreaP (SmartLite)Jan 26 '08, 05:18
Dear Dhruv,

This problem happens because you do not have WRITE permission for the Internet Guest User (IUSR_servername) in the /database folder. Please add this permission.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

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