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Support - Online Help and Forum
Get help or share your comments in the forum with other WebQuiz users!
Support - Online Help and Forum
Have a question? Share it!
Do you have a question? Or maybe would you like to share your quizzes and tests? You can use the following forum to post your questions, requests and, why not, your tests and quizzes. If you have any doubts about using WebQuiz XP, you can check its on-line help as a reference.
On-Line Help

Even if it is very easy and straightforward to use, WebQuiz XP is also provided with an extensive help system. Here you can find the on-line version of the help: click here to view it. If you download the WebQuiz XP trial version, you can view the off-line help.
On-Line Forum

This forum is intended to provide general support information and exchange opinions among WebQuiz XP users. Messages are not immediately posted, but first approved by a moderator. You can post links to your web quizzes as well as links to your downloadable quiz files. You are invited to take part in discussions and join the community!
If you have other requirements or special questions, please contact us directly.

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Paypal integrationTony MorrisJan 26 '08, 04:58
We would like to purchase your software to write and publish multiple online quizzes. Can I integrate the current paid ubscrition service that we use to control access to our website ie PayPal


Re: Paypal integrationAndreaP (SmartLite)Jan 26 '08, 05:13
Dear Tony,

Yes, it should be possible with the SQL Edition. It is provided with full source code (.asp) so you can add your own integration. Recently we have developed a feature (in the SQL Edition) that allows you to sell quizzes on your website, have your customer activate the quiz purchased and take it (just once).

If you can give us more details, I will be happy to tell you what it's already available and can be done with our software.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support
Unable to save options - error messageJimJan 3 '08, 15:12
I am using the sql version of webquiz, and receive the following error when trying to save options:

Unable to save your options now. Click here to retry. Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.

I have checked my security setting on the database folder and contents and the internet guest account has full access.

Re: Unable to save options - error messageAndreaP (SmartLite)Jan 3 '08, 15:22
Dear Jim,

Did you recently update the version? If so, please be sure you have also placed in the /database folder the new smwqxp_admin.mdb file. If the problem persists, please try to replace your existing smwqxp_admin.mdb with a brand new smwqxp_admin.mdb (taken from the original .zip package).

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Translating languages.asp to FrenchL.Dec 19 '07, 14:02
I am looking to have the languages.asp translated so that we can use the WebQuiz XP for French (Canadian). But do I need to translate "ltr" - the value for sLanguageString(56)?

Re: Translating languages.asp to FrenchAndreaP (SmartLite)Dec 19 '07, 14:05
Dear User,

No, that value should not be translated. It means the text should be printed left-to-right (opposite to right-to-left for other languages, such as Hebrew).

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Pre-purchase: Web Quiz XP/Admin?C.Dec 19 '07, 07:05
I noticed that the Web Quiz XP is sold separately from the Admin. So if I buy the Web Quiz XP by itself, it has no admin module? Can someone please explain?


Re: Pre-purchase: Web Quiz XP/Admin?AndreaP (SmartLite)Dec 19 '07, 07:23
Dear User,

WebQuiz XP already includes the basic version of WebAdmin; the advanced version (WebAdmin Plus) and the SQL edition (WebAdmin SQL, more advanced) are available separately.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

EmailJerryDec 17 '07, 14:02
I don't get a notification or confirmation email when a test is completed.
I have tried all the suggestions in the forum and nothing works.

Re: EmailAndreaP (SmartLite)Dec 17 '07, 14:11
Dear Jerry,

Are you using Windows 2003 on your server? If so, open with Notepad your file c:\program files\smartlite software\webquiz xp\asp\asp.dta and locate the line:

iFormat = 0 'Change here if needed
iFormat = 1 'Change here if needed

Change it to:

iFormat = 6

Then scroll down a few lines and locate the line:

objConfig.Fields(" http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = ""

Here add your SMTP server, e.g.:

objConfig.Fields(" http://schemas.microsoft.com/cdo/configuration/smtpserver") = "smtp.yoursite.com"

Also change the server port number (next line), if different from 25. Then republish the quiz and see if it works.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Test resets after 8 questionsJoe TesterDec 3 '07, 08:52
First let me say it's not a problem with the ASP script as the few users that have complained to me switched to a different machine that worked successfully.

I haven't replicated the problem as of this date. I have maybe one or two complaints a year for this problem.

My inquiry here is to see if anyone else seen or heard of that problem and has identified a solution.
Re: Test resets after 8 questionsAndreaP (SmartLite)Dec 3 '07, 09:09
Dear Joe,

I would need more information to investigate the problem, however I suspect it's related to recycling application pools, see here. From a technical viewpoint, when a user loads the quiz page, WebQuiz saves his/her session ID in memory. This way, the user can take the test. When he/she submits the test, WebQuiz checks if a session ID exists in memory and, if so, it saves the results and shows the final page. But if while taking the test, the server is reset, the session ID is lost and WebQuiz cannot find it later, so you are redirected to the login page. You should ask your system administrator to disable application pool recycling (enabled by default on Windows 2003 servers) for the website hosting your quizzes. Try to search google for "application pool recycling". We also offer advanced accounts where application pool reycling is disabled.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

WebAdmin SQLCindyDec 3 '07, 08:28
If I built my first exam using the local client, WebQuiz XP, is there any way to import the test questions into WebAdmin SQL, which I have already purchased? I sure don't want to have to re-enter those questions from the browser interface.

Thank you!

Re: WebAdmin SQLAndreaP (SmartLite)Dec 3 '07, 08:32
Dear Cindy,

Sure, you can import existing quizzes. First of all, you need to publish them with WebQuiz (so that you can see them in the WebAdmin SQL interface); then, in the Options window of the WebAdmin SQL, you can choose the quiz you want to upgrade, click the Properties icon, and choose Upgrade to SQL.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Adding Users in WebQuizXPCindyNov 30 '07, 08:46
Is there any way to add users to a quiz by importing them from a comma delimited text file or some other automated way other than manually entering them?


Re: Adding Users in WebQuizXPAndreaP (SmartLite)Nov 30 '07, 08:49
Dear Cindy,

Yes, you can import them from .CSV files. In WebQuiz, you can do that from the Users window (click the Open button on the toolbar and choose CSV as the format).

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Webquiz in my blogOrlando S.Oct 10 '07, 02:19
Can insert a quiz in my blog?


Re: Webquiz in my blogAndreaP (SmartLite)Oct 10 '07, 02:30
Dear Orlando,

If you host the blog yourself on your website (and your website is hosted on a Windows server), you can insert a quiz in your blog. However, you can also publish the quiz somewhere else and just put a link to it.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Cannot Access Published ASP QuizAnthony D. SilveySep 28 '07, 05:46
I've uploaded my quiz, but have been unable to see it online.

I get the following error message:

Server.MapPath() error 'ASP 0175 : 80004005'

Disallowed Path Characters

/teachers/silvey/quizzes/quizzes/practice_survey.asp, line 449

The '..' characters are not allowed in the Path parameter for the MapPath
The admin functions work fine.

line 449 reads:
sDbConnectionString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=" &
Server.MapPath(DB_NAME) & ";"

Any Suggestions?
Re: Cannot Access Published ASP QuizAndreaP (SmartLite)Sep 28 '07, 05:49
Dear Anthony,

Please follow the instructions in this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/332117

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

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