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Support - Online Help and Forum
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Support - Online Help and Forum
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Do you have a question? Or maybe would you like to share your quizzes and tests? You can use the following forum to post your questions, requests and, why not, your tests and quizzes. If you have any doubts about using WebQuiz XP, you can check its on-line help as a reference.
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Even if it is very easy and straightforward to use, WebQuiz XP is also provided with an extensive help system. Here you can find the on-line version of the help: click here to view it. If you download the WebQuiz XP trial version, you can view the off-line help.
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This forum is intended to provide general support information and exchange opinions among WebQuiz XP users. Messages are not immediately posted, but first approved by a moderator. You can post links to your web quizzes as well as links to your downloadable quiz files. You are invited to take part in discussions and join the community!
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787 Messages
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Re: Cannot Access Published ASP...Anthony D. SilveySep 28 '07, 07:28
Awesome job, Andrea. You never fail to be quick and on target with your replies.

IT Dept quickly resolved the issue, and my quizzes are online! Thanks.

Multiple submissionsSimonJul 5 '07, 09:08
I need to create an online survey where users can post multiple submissions. Currently, if I try to refresh the quiz, I get an error stating "Unable to continue: your answers have already been submitted." The box that requires that users can only submit one submission is NOT checked. Please advise.

Re: Multiple submissionsAndreaP (SmartLite)Jul 5 '07, 09:29
Dear Simon,

Before pressing Refresh, press Back to go back to the initial survey page.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Error -3HeatherApr 24 '07, 07:24
Hi, when publishing to my website: www.mdquizzes.com, I get the following
An error occurred while creating the HTML file. Error code: -3

Re: Error -3AndreaP (SmartLite)Apr 24 '07, 07:25
Dear Heather,

Are you in Administrator mode?

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

MS SQLHumbertoFeb 17 '07, 10:22
Webquiz works with ms SQL?

Re: MS SQLAndreaP (SmartLite)Feb 17 '07, 10:23
Dear Humberto,

Yes, if you also get the Web Administration Interface Plus SQL Edition add-on.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Installing on MS VistaLarry S.Feb 10 '07, 04:07
Old computer finally gave up the ghost and upgraded to a new computer with Windows Vista Home Premium edition.

When installing WebQuiz on the new machine and attempting to compile a new quiz, I got the following error:

Run-time error '339':
Component 'XSHOW30.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

Re: Installing on MS VistaAndreaP (SmartLite)Feb 10 '07, 04:10
Dear Larry,

Please download, unzip and install (in /windows/system32) this file (be sure to overwrite the old version you have).

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Default web admin passwordJimFeb 2 '07, 11:23
What is the default web admin password for a brand new install?

Re: Default web admin passwordAndreaP (SmartLite)Feb 2 '07, 11:25
Dear Jim,

The default password is 'admin'.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

WebAdmin Plus & WebAdmin SQLErsen SANLIDAGJan 26 '07, 01:41
What is difference WebAdmin Plus & WebAdmin SQL interface?

Re: WebAdmin Plus & WebAdmin SQLAndreaP (SmartLite)Jan 26 '07, 01:52
Dear Ersen,

WebAdmin Plus is based on MS Access, while WebAdmin Plus SQL is based on AQL. This way, the SQL edition is more performant and reliable. Additionally, the SQL edition includes all the features of the Windows program, so you can create/edit quizzes using the browser only.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Pre-configured accountMichelleJan 13 '07, 08:03
If I purchase a pre-configured account from you on an annual basis (e.g. http://users.smartlite.it/myaccount) , will I be able to publish ASP quizzes to it?


Re: Pre-configured accountAndreaP (SmartLite)Jan 13 '07, 08:10
Dear Michelle,

Yes, you are correct.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Publishing to website problemGlen GiannelliDec 21 '06, 01:33
Whenever I select to publish to the www.webquiz.it site from the PUBLISH QUIZ options, I receive the following errors: UNABLE TO CONTINUE:THE WEBSITE HAS RETURNED INVALID VALUES.


I have no problem accessing the site directly from IE, so I assume the IE settings are fine.

Re: Publishing to website problemAndreaP (SmartLite)Dec 21 '06, 01:37
Dear Glen,

I have already sent you a couple of emails about this issue. Did you receive them?

Maybe you are not receiving my e-mails...

I'm going to send you another e-mail, let me know if you receive it.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

June UpdateKeith GodfreyNov 29 '06, 10:05
The June update shows 'Hide IP Address' and 'Show Close Button' features added. I have the latest version but can not see this feature.Please advise.Iam a new user and very impressed with your product

Re: June UpdateAndreaP (SmartLite)Nov 29 '06, 10:11
Dear Keith,

Once you have published a quiz using the latest version, open the quiz .asp file with Notepad and locate at the beginning the line:


Change it to:


Save and then retry your quiz.

Best regards,

SmartLite Support

Quiz Style ProblemGerry ThibodeauNov 24 '06, 08:40
I am running windows 2003 server sp1. I installed the webquiz XP cd and also downloaded the new version since then that is listed under my downloads on this site.

My problem is that when I click to start a new quiz it has steps 1 and 2 already complete and if i click on step 1 which is quiz style, it will just sit there for a minute then just disappear like it crashed. This
also happens if you attempt to edit a quiz. Any suggestions I really need to get this working for a class coming in on the 1st of dec.


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